Friday, November 14, 2014

Thankful 2014

I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away! Last night Kalamazoo received its first measurable snow. I am NOT thankful for the snow, but I am thankful for how beautiful it makes everything look. I think most of us Michiganders are forever traumatized by last year's brutal winter that was followed by an unseasonably cool spring and summer. NOT COOL mother nature! I have had some tough days recently. Work has been full of very difficult suffering for so many patients. Unfortunately a tragedy hit close to home at work and in my "real life" when friends of ours from our old church lost their only daughter in a car accident last weekend. One of the things that is most difficult about being an ER social worker is having to "keep it together" when your body and soul is hurting for what you are witnessing. It has been a hard week as my instinct to "keep it together" has over taken my ability to have a good cry and feel sad for my friend's loss. I am trying to do all the things I know a good social worker does to process the grief I have seen and felt myself this week. However, solace is hard to come by right now. Maybe, just maybe, listing all my blessings and wonderful things I am thankful for will be just what my weary soul needs to find its way to a happier space.

10. The way Ellie says, "I agot" instead of " I forgot" and her imagination. Watching her pretend to be a mom, teacher, teenager, brings me such joy and cracks me up!
9. Caroline's intelligence. Our girl has come such a long way from when I wrote of her struggles in late summer. She is loving school and such a smart little whipper snapper. We just had conferences and her teacher, who is such a blessing to Caroline, had so many positive things to say about her.
8. Matthew's maturity. He is becoming such a little man. We have had so many great, thoughtful conversations in recent months. Never, in a million years, would I have ever thought my naughty, drive me crazy four, five, six year would transition into such a treasure
7. My job. Sure, it has many difficult aspects. But, I am beyond blessed to have the privilege to serve individuals in some of their darkest hours.
6. My co workers. I work with an exceptional team of social workers, nurses, physicians, PCA's, clerks,etc. I have made some amazing friends through my job and can't imagine my life without my ER and Bronson people!
5. My friends. I have some great ones. From life long, college and neighbors that feel like family.
4. Faith. Still searching but through it all, I know He is there. I am so grateful for my belief in Christ and the peace that brings to my life.
3. Our home. Still want new carpet, kitchen, more bedrooms and the list goes on and on.We have become a family in this home. We have so many wonderful memories here and are blessed to have a safe place to rest our weary bones each night (or day:)
2. Jeff. Oh, how I love that man. I realized this year that I was foolishly taking him for granted. God has blessed me beyond measure with my husband. I can't imagine navigating life without his guidance, love and support.
1. My health. I finally committed to getting in shape and losing weight, again! I am proud to say I am much thinner than I was last Thanksgiving. I feel great and certainly realize how fleeting good health can be.
Wherever you are, whatever you do, I hope you are able to think of ten things that YOU are THANKFUL for. Find joy in those small moments. Be grateful everyday. Happy Thanksgiving,friends!

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