Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lent and other stuff..

Today is Fat Tuesday. The Simpsons have all had their packzis! The Lenten season is one of aspects of my faith that I treasure . I love having an opportunity to spend 40 days righting my heart. To take a step away from the busyness of everyday life and become closer to God. As my children get older they surprise me in  the ways in which they convict me. Matthew asked me the other day if I could give up going on Facebook when I am at home for Lent. I thought about it for a minute and of course said yes I could.  How could I say no to my guy? There is no reason I have to be on Facebook at home or ever really. There are about a million more productive things I could accomplish with the time I waste on FB. So, there you have part of my Lenten commitment. The other part coincides with my New Year's resolution, to be more intentional with the time that I have. While I won't be on FB, I am sure I could find other time sucks to replace it with. My desire is to spend time with the kids playing games, reading books or just hanging out. Enjoying each other. Not yelling, nagging or disciplining. As I type this I realize it may sound lofty and idealistic but  isn't that at the heart of any well intended goal?
I am hoping to prayerfully seek God's direction in leading my heart towards a post graduate job. My season as a graduate student is coming to and end. I have begun to search for a full time job. Thinking about what working full time as an MSW can be overwhelming to me at times. I have been very comfortable as a full time student and intern. Transitioning to a full time employee does intimidate me. What will it look like for me and my family? What will daycare look like for the kids this summer and next year? How flexible will my job be ? So many what ifs. It is exciting but scary all at the same time. Talk about ambivalence!
The kids are all doing well. Matthew is getting older and more mature to me with every passing day. After his MRI a few weeks ago, Jeff and I took him out to eat. We had such an enjoyable time. I told Jeff that I am eager for all of our kids to transition to the stage where Matthew is at. My parenting skills seem to compliment it so much more than the obstacles I have faced when parenting little ones. Caroline is working very hard at practicing her best behavior at school. I am so proud of how far she has come. She tries very hard and is one smart cookie. Caroline just started Daisy Scouts and loves it!  Ellie is doing so well in her speech preschool program that they are moving her to a more  mature afternoon class. She is talking up a storm these days and becoming quite the little lady. Now that she is moving to an afternoon class I can sign her up for a dance class which she has been begging to go to. All those Saturdays of being dragged to Caroline's classes have rubbed off on little sister.
As I close this post out, I realize it is a little all over the place. I guess that is representative of where we are as a family these days too. Trying to coordinate faith, family, schedules and making sure there is time for some fun along the way. The goal for this blog of mine has always been to keep a virtual diary of the things we've done during this season of life. As life gets busier it seems there isn't always time for documenting here. But then I remember what a gift the record of having the last eight years of our lives written in a space is. So, I make the effort to make the time. To write it down. To reflect on where we've been and where we're going. To put out there goals and aspirations and commitments. For accountability and encouragement along the way.