Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bake care

A term I have learned in graduate school is, self care. It's pretty obvious what it means, taking care of yourself so you don't get completely burned out when your working in the field of social work. As I have been home the entire month of July, after a nine months of a pretty tight schedule and routine of not being a stay at home mom, I have been a tad bit overwhelmed. I fully admit that I enjoyed my time at school and at my internship. I like having more to my title than mom. So, as I found myself frazzled and sometimes irritated, the idea of self care for moms popped into my head. Now I know that moms are always being told that they need to take time to make time for themselves, are you following me?:) But I ask you when is that suppose to happen? Especially in the stay at home mom's life?? At least when you're a working mom/student mom, you have carved out times that you can squeeze some time in. When your full time job is to be at home with your kids, it is much more difficult to find the time and the resources to make that happen. You have to find someone to watch the kids and usually those people like to be paid:)
One way in which I have been relaxing lately is through cooking and baking. I have always loved trying new recipes, making yummy dinners and treats. Baking is my least favorite, it seems that we don't always see eye to eye, baking and me:) This summer however, that has changed!! I am proud to admit I have made butterscotch/chocolate chip pudding cookies that are to.die.for and a peach cobbler that is scrumptious. Lately I have been obsessed with a seasonal favorite, zucchini and have made many variations including oven parmesean, cakes and plain old fried zucchini. I have tried some new salads, new chicken dishes and even perfected a rib rub!! I credit Pioneer Women, with whom I am just a tad bit obsessed, because she got me inspired to try some new recipes last year at this time through her delightful blog. If you've never checked her out please do so at
I have come to realize that sometimes when you're feeling overwhelmed by life, whether it's because your two year old refuses to nap or your job is super stressful or your marriage is a disaster, sometimes a peach cobbler, in all its delicious, sugary, perfectly crisped cobbler crust, and a dollop of fresh whip cream can make the world a little brighter, or at least a little tastier!!
I am going to try this, again, in hopes that we can get some yummy recipes in the comment section. There is a counter on the blog now, so I know you people are reading, but NO ONE COMMENTS! Please, I beg of you, leave a comment on what you do for self care? If you bake or cook and have a recipe you think we all need to have, link it or write it out! Come on, you can do it!!
Happy bake caring!!

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The Shripkas said...

Okay, so, I don't "bake" but I have tried a few pinterest recipes. I current fav for the kids is banana, oatmeal, greek yogurt muffin that suffices for a nutritional breakfast:) And, I love a box of spice cake mix, a can of pumpkin and a half bag of mini chocolate chips... made as mini muffins = 1 pt each!