Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Listen to God or crazy people will endlessly email you!

Hey readers, all five of you:)! I am sorry for the drama that ensued last week on Facebook. I had some major drama going on. I will admit that some of it was my own fault. I was introduced to some one's blog who I barely know. Sometimes her blog has fun things, good recipes, cool craft ideas. But mostly her blog annoys me. So why read a blog that annoys you? Exactly! I wasn't for many months. Especially after I wrote a comment about her pics being stolen and posted on pinterest. I simply said that when you try and make your blog more public there are casualties if you don't safeguard things like photos. She deleted it and accused me of being negative and told me not to read her blog anymore. As if she has control over things like that. I did feel that God was telling me to stay away. I think He knew that there would be craziness if I ever commented in any way again. Well, I had a glass of wine, I went, I read and the hypocrisy , oh the hypocrisy!It may have been the wine, it may have been me not being able to just mind my own business. Whatever the reason, I commented. I called her out on what I felt was hypocritical. Let's just say it did NOT go over well..AT ALL. She immediately deleted the comment, came here and made a nasty comment, which I moderated b/c all of my comments are moderated. I then went to her via FB and wrote her a message saying that I didn't appreciate her comments and that I would stay away from now on because of how vain and self-absorbed she was. Then her husband wrote me a couple of hours later and his email was downright crazy talk. Especially when I initially only stated that her blog etiquette post was hypocritical. As far as saying she was vain and self absorbed, not nice, but you would think I threatened her life with the way he was talking. In fact, it was so crazy, that even Jeff was annoyed which is something you never see.
BUT, and there always is a BUT, I totally reaped what I sowed. God warned me, I didn't listen and this is what happened. I am annoyed at her but I am more annoyed at myself. God was just shaking his head at it all but I could tell he didn't feel bad for me at all.
So, I made my blog private. But it is such a pain to put everything in place for those who want to read it and are harmless. I have blocked all of the people associated with the blog. I don't think anyone will read her or comment further. At least I hope so. If I continue to have issues then I will have to close her down again!
Lesson learned. Listen to God. For you never know if He's protecting you from a person or something more!
Here's praying for less drama!


Billy, Gail and Finn said...

Thanks for reminders Susan! You aren't the only one who doesn't always listen! :)

Jeannie said...

Thank you for your transparency, here. Social media is just as messy as real relationships sometimes! Lord help us all!