Monday, March 26, 2012

Birthday Blues

I turned 37 yesterday and I think I may have just experienced " I am getting older" birthday blues. Usually, I love everything about a birthday. Celebrating, getting gifts, having lots of people celebrate that YOU were born, going out to dinner, eating cake! This year Jeff actually got on the clue bus that I have been loudly honking and got me some great gifts, a specialty cake and took me out for dinner! And yet I was really down and grouchy yesterday. No matter how good the day went, I felt this sense of blah. It was really annoying. I finally went to Jeff, late in the day, and tearfully admitted my feelings. He offered a sympathetic ear, gave me a hug and said, " I think you're just depressed that your old!" Leave it to Jeff to put it all into blunt perspective. Maybe that is what it was? Today I woke up feeling so relieved that it wasn't my birthday. That it is over. That I am gulp..37. Now I know that 37 certainly isn't ancient. I know that I have nothing but great blessings to be thankful for in this life. I have had a wonderful 37 years and look ahead to the next 37 with great anticipation.
I don't really know what to make of the emotions that came with turning 37. Maybe when I turn 38 I will figure it out!

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StaciLitten said...

ok. Ill admit. I don't think anyone is old until they are 50+. I don't think 37 is old age. I just think its an awkward age. just like how 12 and 13 were. your not old until your 50. and like they say "Fifty's twenty with more money"

So smile. Your not dead yet! hahaahahhahaahah.


Staci Litten