Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The whole - HEARTED truth

Today is Valentine's Day and I am so not feeling the love. Warning: If you're looking for a touchy feely, inspiring post..GO ELSEWHERE:)
My kids are 6,5 and 2. This is the first Valentine's Day that they get the meaning of it. The meaning of it to me, is to show EXTRA appreciation for those you love. How did I do this for my family today you may be asking yourself. Well, and yes, I realize I am being a wee bit bratty by listing it but it's my blog so too bad!:)
1. Bought 3 darling little baskets for the kids and filled it with some things I knew they would love including candy, crayons, books. A new piggy bank for Ellie who has been coveting her brother and sister's forever!
2. Made a special Valentine's Day lunch with heart shaped sandwiches.
3. Ordered special Valentine's Day cupcakes for our family and paid extra for Caroline to have egg free cupcakes.
4. Bought heart shaped pizza for dinner.
5. Bought Jeff a funny card and wrote something really nice inside.
Well intended but here is how the day has gone:
1. I could tell from Matthew's face that his basket didn't exactly thrill him. Probably because it didn't include any Wii games!
2. Caroline cried at 7 a.m. because she couldn't have candy.
3. The kids had a playdate and Caroline was downright witchy to her friend.
4. The kids have fought and whined ALL damn day!
5. The kids have told me I am the meanest mom ever about 10 times each today.
6. Ellie suddenly turned naughty:)!
And yes, I know, I am blessed. Yes, I know I am a brat. Yes, I know I should just be grateful that the biggest problem, right now, on February 14, 2012 is that my kids are being brats and my husband still doesn't get it that I want him to go out of his way for me, ONE FLIPPIN DAY a year.
This Valentine's Day I feel a little bit like the single girl who is surrounded by people in love and you just want to scream, "Take your flowers and candy and kids who bring you breakfast in bed and shove it!" Wow, I really am letting it all hang out.
Oh well, hopefully, at the very least, I am teaching my children that in our family we value love and being love and showing each other love. At least I hope that's what they are learning in their rooms, since I grounded them for the rest of the night!
How do you like me now, Cupid?!


Monica said...

Sounds like you need a little neighborly love!!!

Anita said...

I Love you Sue! It's the littlest of things that we take for granted sometimes and don't fully appreciate them until they are taken away or gone from sight. When you have a chance send me your mailing address please. Thanks. Cheer up Sue! It will get better on this over rated holiday.

Jenrood said...

Fortunately my boys liked their presents. Unfortunately the husband thinks signing his name in a very unromantic card is all I'm worth on Valentine's Day. You'd think after 17 years together I would learn my lesson about hoping for something more. So - I can totally relate to your less than great Valentine's Day.