Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things I love...

After a day of school and a little distance from my little lovelies and reading Pioneer Women's blog here is a more positive, less whiny list today of the things I LOVE:
1. Jesus
2. Jeff
3. My boy
4. My girls
5. Grace (not the girl, the most amazing gift)
6. Biggby coffee
7. Roasted brussel sprouts
8. Holidays
9. A Sunday afternoon nap.
10. A fun night out with the girls
11. My Kindle
12. Reading
13. Discovering new music
14. How God finds the most suttle ways of speaking to me.
15. My internship
16. Girl's Weekends with life long friends
17. Laughing till you want to throw up
18. Caroline's smile
19. Matthew's insight
20. Ellie's giggles
21. Sleeping in.
22. Hearing a great sermon that makes you feel on fire for God.

See, I am not always such a Suzie Sour puss:)

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