Monday, February 27, 2012


That is the sound of me falling off the workout wagon. I was doing great for over a year going to gym faithfully three to four times a week. Since beginning school, I started to slip a little more simply because there wasn't enough time. I can usually make it work on Mondays and Tuesday mornings. But then Ellie started speech and they asked that it be every other Monday at 8:30, right during the time of my favorite class, Body Combat. Add the holidays and lax eating and well let's just say the jeans are a wee bit tight.
HOWEVER...I shall not be discouraged. I won't be brought down that easily! I won't buy bigger jeans! This isn't my first time at the fall off the workout routine rodeo! The good thing is I desperately miss working out. I love having that time to turn on my I Pod and sweat it out to Florence + Machine or whatever new artist I happen to discover I love at any given moment.
A new plan is all that is necessary for me to get back on this wagon. This new plan will be working out every Monday morning that Ellie doesn't have speech for the regular class I love. I will also hold Tuesday open from 8:30-10 for working out. It will be sacred. Unless illness befalls us, my booty and Ellie's lil' booty in the daycare, will be there! On speech days and on Thursdays, for now, I will go at 5:30 AM! I get up then anyways for my internship. I will go the gym for a quick workout and shower and get ready there. If this seems to work I will add Friday mornings in. That will give me a total of three days, at first, and then hopefully I will become addicted and be the person you see in there all the time. Well, let's not get crazy!
If you read here and you pray, pray for me, won't you?! I have worked very hard the past five years to lose weight. I have kept most of it off but I would love to lose another forty before my husband's 20th reunion this summer and certainly by my 20th next summer. That would have me being the lowest weight ever since, well, ever:)
I am hoping this will motivate me. Since beginning school, I have realized that I am pretty good at sticking to something if it's planned out. I know sitting in tight jeans thinking, "Good gravy when can I peel these bad boys off?" certainly makes it pretty damn easy to get my arse moving again!

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