Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ho hum

I don't really feel like writing about the fast. But here is where I am...
1. No pop
2. Had one cup of coffee, felt wretched and am seriously considering giving up coffee for good.
3. Praying every morning and did my devotional three days but still not in the Bible every day!
4. Doing a great job of drinking lots of water each day
5. Eating a ton more veggies and lean meats and overall healthier
6. Still falling victim to the occasional cookie or two.

God is working on me in many ways right now. I went back to my old church today and am most likely going to stay there for awhile. I am focusing on all the great things and people that our church has to offer and praying about and for the things I don't care much for and people I could go without dealing with. I met with Nicole this Friday night and we had a great talk about praying for people who have hurt you or that you just plain don't like. GULP! I will totally admit that I am not a fan of thinking nice things about people that have hurt me. But guess what, God does and He does care if I sow bitterness in my heart and soul. So, as Nicole said so eloquently, I am going to "fake it till I make it!"
Goals for this week,
1. No coffee or pop
2. Devotional, prayer and Bible reading time EVERY day!
3. Make a list of who I need to be praying for that has hurt me.
God is Good...Have a Blessed week and for the love..comment! I need some comment loving people!

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