Saturday, January 07, 2012


We're all headed back to school on Monday. This semester should be a little less hectic than last for a few reasons. One, I only have three classes. Two, I don't have a psychotic professor like I did last semester. I have never been so happy to be out of a class! I headed back to my internship last week after a two week break and it felt good to be back. Matthew and Caroline are less than enthusiastic about going back to school. I have mixed emotions. I miss my school friends but am not excited for homework and never ending lists of things to do. I am ready to have a routine again.
In other big news, I am starting the Daniel Fast tomorrow. It is a 21 day fast where no meats, processed foods, coffee or tea or dairy is allowed. I bought the book and went to the grocery store to buy all the stuff one needs to eat properly. Ironically, or perhaps not so ironically but Godronically, yes that is my very own made up word, I tried a new church today that talked specifically about goal making and setting. I went with Caroline and Ellie b/c Jeff and Matthew had hockey. Don't even get me started on that! I really felt it was an affirmation of how God feels about me embarking on this goal and in this journey of trying to get my FAITH and SPIRITUAL life in order. It is my ONLY goal for 2012. For when you are right with God, you are right with everything else, well everything that matters anyways.
I know some of the next 21 days are going to suck. I mean the thought alone of 21 days without coffee want to make me cry. I wish that the thought of not opening my Bible in much longer than 21 days made me cry because it should. It should bring me to my knees. I KNOW that being without coffee will bring me to my knees and I guess that is the point. I will blog more regularly during this so follow along or JOIN me!!:) Happy Fasting!

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