Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Once upon a time I was a babysitter for a family in the town I grew up in. I remember details of random things, its important to remember that, because I am sure as you read this you will be like, "How did you remember that?" Anyways, one family for which I did a lot of babysitting was the Thomson family. The dad of the family is Kip and he worked with my dad. The mom is Wendy and from the moment you meet this wonderful lady you're smitten. She oozes with niceness and all things "fun mom". The kids at the time I began were Ryan and Heidi. They were three and four when I started babysitting them. Over the next couple of years two additional children, Kelly and Scott were added to the Thomson clan. This is where my freakish memory comes into play, I remember that Wendy wanted more kids and I kind of got the idea that Kip was probably o.k. with three. Wendy decided to leave it up to God and I assume Kip did too and soon God decided that Scott should be a part of this family.
I remember that the Thomsons were very involved with their church. Their faith was important. They were involved in Men's Bible study, Couple's Bible study and Mom's Bible study. They seemed to be new in their faith and were learning all they could.
As a mom, Wendy was such an example to me. I remember her getting down and playing with the kids. She seemed to truly love being a mom to her four children. She loved watching them learn and grow and encouraged that daily. Her house was fun! I loved talking to Wendy and would spend many minutes after they arrived home just chatting with her. I never felt rushed out. I felt very strongly that she appreciated me and what I brought to her family through my babysitting their children. I remember having a falling out with another mom who I babysat for. It was an unfortunate set of circumstances and I felt horrible about what this women was telling people about me. Wendy took the time to call me and express how much she appreciated me. It was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.
I went on to graduate from MSU and move to Chicago. The Thomsons moved to Houston for Kip's job. For a short time, my parents lived there as well. The last time I saw Kip and Wendy was at my Dad's retirement party. It was so good to see them and find out what the kids were up to.
With the dawn of Facebook I have been fortunate to reconnect with Wendy. Her children are now 21,20, 16 and 14, I think. They have all grown into beautiful children on the inside and outside. They all have strong faiths. Ryan,the oldest, writes a blog that is so impressive. I really have enjoyed reading his entries and wrote Wendy about how proud she must be to have such great kids. She wrote back, humble as ever, thanking me but ultimately giving all the glory to God. I have learned through FB that she is involved in ministry at her church with the teens. Whatever stage she is in of life, Wendy has always sought to glorify and honor God.
A few weeks ago, Wendy had a brain stem stroke. She has been in the ICU for over two weeks but recently has been transferred to the stroke floor because she is improving. I know from my work in the Neuro Rehab that Wendy's journey in her recovery will be filled with all sorts of emotions. Rehabing is hard work. Its physical and emotional and tough. I am prayerful and confident that she will be surrounded by a team of therapists and nurses and doctors who will serve her in a wonderful way. I know from my own observations that once people settle in and learn to get used to the rehab way of life, that they truly begin to thrive. More important, I know that Wendy and Kip and the Thomson children will be able to reap what they have sown all these years. The wonderful thing about having a well established faith is that it gives you a remarkable foundation on which to pull yourself up. God will give the grace and power to literally have Wendy stand again, talk again, serve again. He will sustain the kids, who despite their ages, still need their mom. I know God will do great things through Wendy and her story. Once again, I turn to Ephesians 3:20 for comfort, knowing that "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us"
I believe that and know that God has great plans for Wendy and her sweet family. I have always been honored to know and love this family. It is honor to lift them in prayer in their greatest time of need. You can do it Wendy!!

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