Sunday, October 09, 2011

Caroline is 5!

I can't believe it. I know I say that all the time when the kids have a birthday but really, this time, I mean it!! It doesn't seem possible that we've had five years of that little spit fire! I love her so, so much even on her most demanding days. I love that she knows her mind, she is creative, she is energetic, she is loyal, she is like me in so many ways. I think that has always been the true source of contention between us, on the days when we get the best of each other. Seeing someone who came from you, exhibit your strengths and weaknesses, is humbling to say the least! Caroline's smile melts my heart and brightens the dreariest of days. Her lisp and way of talking is so very sweet and even though I am thrilled at the accomplishments she has made in regards to her speech, I admit I will be sad to hear her babyish was of speaking go by the wayside.
Caroline started Young Fives this year and loves going to school everyday. She loves her teacher and has made some special friends. While Matthew and Ellie struggled with the adjustment to daycare, for Caroline its been a breeze. She loves her neighbor girlfriends, especially Daphnee, Roxanne and Avery and Makenna. As I mentioned before, Caroline is creative and is a talented artist. She could spend hours coloring. She likes music and dancing and performing.
The conversation we had tonight before bed sums it all up to me,
"Caroline, what little almost five year old does mommy love best?"
Flashes her baby browns and that giant smile and says happily, "Me, Sweet Carowine!"
Happy 5th Birthday to the sweetest Caroline of all!

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