Friday, September 02, 2011


Today Ellie is 2! I can hardly believe it's been two years since that little lady came into our lives. She fits our family so well and it is hard to imagine a world without her! Ellie is a sweetie. She loves her brother and sister but can hold her own. She won't hesitate to pop you if you get in her face or in her way. Ellie is seeming to follow the speech delayed trend that the rest of the Simpson kids have been on. The one word that she has no problem saying is "NOooooooooooooooooo!" It is really quite cute. She loves to read books and color especially if she manages to finagle a marker. The girls loves markers!! She also loves marking her clothes, her hands, the table, etc. Mommy isn't quite as happy about that! Ellie loves being outside and being with the ig kids. She is especially fond of our neighbor, Sam who is 2 also! She always looks for him and points at his house looking to play with him. Ellie loves her family especially Daddy and Grandma Barb. In addition to "no" some of her other favorite words are "Ama","Mamma","Dada" and "This". We're getting her tested, again, for speech and hope she qualifies this time.
Ellie is embarking on a new adventure this fall. She is going to daycare three days a week because mommy is going back to school for her MSW. She tried it out last week for two days and really enjoyed it. She loves to play with the other kids and was exhausted by the end of the two days!! We're hoping she has lots of fun and learns things too. Like how to share!! That is one thing she doesn't really like to do. But hey,what two year old likes to share!?
To celebrate Ellie's 2nd birthday we're having a small celebration tonight with a dinner that Grandma Barb and Papa Burt are coming to. Mommy made a cherry chip cake. Next weekend is the real party with all of the family. Even Grandma Betsy and Papa Lenny are coming. Rumor has it Aunt Jenn, Uncle Keith, Clair and Patrick might come b/c they live closer now that they are living back in Detroit.
We love our little girl with many names. Some of her nicknames are: Ellie Bellie, Ooga(Caroline only calls her this!), Boo-Boo, Bada boo boo, and if she is really being a stinker she might hear her full name..Elizabeth Jane!!
We love you Ellie!! Happy 2nd birthday!


Gelf65 said...

You are a wonderful writer. Even though I have never met little Ellie, I have the sense that I know her.

Gelf65 said...

You are a wonderful writer. Even though I have not met little Ellie, I have the sense that I know her. I love how each of your kids have such strong personalities.
xxox's, Aunt Carmie