Friday, August 05, 2011

Know God

Today I went to a funeral for a women I have never met. I know her mom and dad through church. Her dad is one of the most giving, caring, live for CHRIST and have that contagious desire to get to know Him better vibe going. So, even though I didn't know Peggy, I know Mike and his wife and their other kids so I went to show that I care. It was a wonderful celebration of a life that yes was haunted with some addiction demons, but one that ultimately knew the greatest truth of all..The Christ died for her sins. Many family members got up to speak about her and all of the fun and laughter she brought to their lives. Our pastor spoke about how Romans speaks about once we know God nothing can ever separate us from the love and grace of God. He also spoke about how it was a struggle for Peggy to surrender her pain and struggles to God even though she believed in Him.
The most profound sentence of the morning came right at the beginning of service from Mike himself. It was a simple sentence.."KNOW GOD!" He said, with such urgency, that this is really what it all comes down to. If we KNOW God, the rest is so much easier. If we KNOW God, that means we're SEEKING Him more, wanting for others to KNOW him too. If we KNOW Him it does become easier for the Holy Spirit to permeate all the pores of our lives that need the refashioning and molding.
I left the funeral feeling like I knew Peggy and many of the wonderful gifts she blessed those who knew and loved her with. I also left feeling convicted to continue on my own quest to KNOW God and to be intentional about making sure others want to KNOW too!

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Jeannie said...

Thanks for this. I knew Peggy briefly when we lived in Kalamzoo, but like you, Aaron and I were pretty close with the Kemples. They were a great encouragement to us and this tragedy breaks our hearts for them and the rest of the family.