Sunday, June 19, 2011

Goodbye Summer

So I thought I was starting class in September. Turns out its really going to be June 30th...crap! Long story short, I had to drop a class from my Fall schedule in order to accomodate my internship schedule.I am super excited about my internship. I will be working at Borgess Hospital on the neuro rehab floor. But the class I had to drop is a prerequisite for other classes so I need to take it now. I am a little bummed about this since I thought I had a few more months to wrap my head around this whole grad school idea but I am excited to get started. The class is titled, "Social Work for families, individuals and groups." I bought the book for the class on Friday and have been looking through it, very interesting stuff. Jeff thinks I am crazy! Another good thing is the class is on Tuesday and Thursday nights so I don't have to figure out childcare for the kiddos!
In other Simpson news, Summer is in full swing for the kids. They had one week of swimming lessons so far. This week they all go to their respective "places" while Jeff and I head to Vermont for a friend's wedding. They are all excited and SO.ARE.WE! I can't wait to see what Vermont is like and to get away with my honey bunny for a few days of kid free fun. When we return my class will start and we have other trips planned. In July we're meeting my famly including my brother and his family from Alabama that we never see, at a waterpark in Wisconsin. We're also making our annual trek up to Silver Lake for our vacation with Jeff's family. Because of my class, Ellie and I will only be going for a few days. I am hoping to take advantage of the other days to get my house ready for the craziness that Fall will bring.
Matthew has been sick with pneumonia all week. Even with being treated with antibiodics, he is still running a low grade fever. We need to get this cleared upo before we all leave on Wednesday!
Hope everyone out there is enjoying Summer!

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