Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sweet Caroline...

Let it be known that girl loves that song..she can sing along with Neil with the best of them! One of her preschool teacher's whom Caroline dearly loves calls her sweet Caroline all the time. So much so that when you ask her what her name is she answers with boldness, "Sweet Caroline!" like..Duh!! Believe it!
Caroline is four and a half. She is by far the most STRONG willed child No, the periods aren't a typo! Iron will, unbendable,unshakeable,full of conviction that one. Sometimes this plain stinks. Like for example when said child is at her kindergarten screening and REFUSES to cooperate at several of the testing stations. Other times this serves Caroline very well. She has been dressing herself, getting her breakfast, brushing her teeth, riding a bike, writing all sorts of shapes, letters and can blow a fourth grade out of the water with her AMAZING coloring skills(all of which the kindergarten screeners failed to see). If Caroline likes you, she loves you. If she doesn't..well lets just say..sorry about your luck. She is a girl who knows her mind. So, we just keep continuing to fill that little mind with lots of good things. Like about her faith, her God, her friends, books, coloring,drawing, favorite shows(right now its Peppa Pig). In the moments when she is difficult we try and remember that we are trying to mold that will for good and not trying to break it. I feel like God has great things planned for our middle gal. I am sure all moms feel that way but I know all this will is not for naught. I just want to help her always know that she always needs to go to God for her every step in life. Caroline has enjoyed her preschool experience very much. Like I mentioned earlier, she adores her teachers. Next year she will attend the public school,going to the Young fives program five mornings a week. I think she will enjoy going everyday. I just pray she likes her teacher:) For everyone's sake!
Caroline continues to struggle with her asthma. This Winter was tough for our little gal. She had to be treated daily for her symptoms. We're hoping Summer gives her a reprieve from some of this. She is due for an eye exam in May and we will see about her need for surgery, as her eye muscle hasn't improved at all. In fact, even with correction we're seeing some crossing. Caroline still suffers from some severe peanut and egg allergies. Thankfully she seems to have reached an age where she is aware of this. She almost always asks,"Does this have peanut or egg?" before eating anything unknown.
At the end of June, Caroline will be spending a week with her cousins(my sister and her family) in Wisconsin while we go to Vermont for a friend's wedding. I purposely picked my sister for Caroline b/c I think she can handle her without incident and that Caroline will have an amazing time there. I really hope it goes well. No matter how much she fights me..she misses me the moment I am out of sight.
All in all, Caroline is a pretty terrific little girl. Sure she can put up stink. But this story pretty much sums her up. Last weekend we had some pretty amazing weather on Sunday. We were taking a family walk to the park. Caroline,who only recently mastered the art of bike riding, fell off. HARD! Did she cry? Never. She popped up and said in her most exasperated voice, "Uggh!! I getting back on and going to da park!" No tears, no whining. She got her little bootie back on the saddle and did indeed make it the park( before her brother I might add!!) We love her very much and can't wait to see what God has in store for our green kanagaroo in the middle! (Which by the way is the title of a favorite book of mine by Judy Blume, anyone who has three kids should get "Green Kangaroo in the middle!"

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