Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crazy Matty

Its funny to me that the domain name of this blog is crazy Matty. When I began this blog, Matthew was only six months old. He was a little crazy but I had no idea that he would become much more crazier before mellowing out. Now, six years later much has changed in all our lives. Matthew is the oldest of three children. In many ways he has the personality of a first born. He is very concerned with "rules" and if people are following them..namely his sisters!! When I am driving he is the first to tell me if I am breaking any laws or if my hand comes off the steering wheel. When Caroline went through a phase where she would unbuckle herself, it nearly killed him, he became very panicky. At school he is quick to listen to his teachers and doesn't like to "have his card switched from green to any other color"! :)
As I have mentioned in other blog updates, Matthew has mellowed this past year. He is sweet, loving and caring. He is all boy! He loves all things Star Wars, Indiana Jones and WII!! He is obsessed with the WII. So much so that we're taking a break from it this summer. He still loves to be outside but has become pickier about not wanting to play with all girls. This can be hard since there aren't many boys in our neighborhood his age. His best friend is Gavin, a boy from school. He adores him and loves having playdates with him.
Matthew is a Daddy's boy. He worships Jeff. When Jeff went out of town for a weekend in March, Matthew could hardly stand it. He really looks up to him and has informed us that he is going to do whatever Jeff does when he grows up so he can go to work with him! Matthew is a homebody. He gets very homesick when he is away from us. Something I can relate to because I struggled with this when I was his age.
Matthew had his first friend birthday party this year. We had it a Pirates Island, a local waterpark. He had about seven friends and loved it! The theme was STAR WARS. Nearly everything Matthew does lately revolves around Star Wars..the kid is obsessed!
Matthew has kept his big blue eyes, but his hair has darkened quite a bit this Winter. I am wondering if it will blond up again this Summer?
Matty loves his sisters and has special relationships with both Caroline and Ellie. He is always looking out for Ellie and is a pretty good playmate for Caroline. Favorite activities are wrestling and building forts.
He continues to be my deep thinker and is very thoughtful when he prays or is seeking God. He loves to learn about Bible stories and Jesus. He continues to ask to go back to a Christian school.
I think that about wraps up my oldest and only boy! I love how much he has changed and grown this year. I love knowing that there is indeed a light at the end of a tunnel when you think your not going to be able to parent a child for one more day! More and more I find Matthew to be delightful to be around. I am blessed to have been given such a treasure!

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