Friday, July 23, 2010

Metaphors from the dune...

This past week we, Jeff, Matthew,Caroline and I(Ellie camped out with my parents in Chi town) went to Silver Lake for a week long vacation. I have to say, with serious enthusiasm that it was one of the best weeks I have had in a long time. Without the constraints that a baby can have on your schedule, life with our five and nearly four year old was nearly bliss. We spent the week lounging by the pool,swimming,jumping, reading books, playing with cousins, eating way too many marshmellows and chips and just generally enjoying life and each other.
I rediscovered both my children in ways I haven't either let myself or allowed myself to. I had such fun just being with those little monkeys. Whether it was racing around the racetrack at Craig's Cruisers with Caroline next to me screaming with such joy in her husky little voice, "Mommy, this is really super fun!" or just cuddling with my early risers on the couch in the morning. Having the time to observe how Matthew is really becoming a little man and how he's matured during this summer. Watching him master his swimming and diving skills.
But, perhaps,the greatest lesson I learned this week, happened one night when our whole family hit the dunes.We all climbed some big ones and if you want to see your children's personalities personified and highlighted..hit the dunes. There was Matthew, who runs into life head on, if he's into it and doesn't look back. Then there is Caroline, who with sheer bull headed determination gets to the top of that damn dune b/c by God she's got to!! I was so proud of her b/c I know it was hard for her but she just kept plugging away at sandy step at a time. I just looked on and thought, "Atta girl!!"I discovered,and I am sad to admit this, just how much I love them both this week.
Sure, they drive me bonkers lots of times, but they bring me so much more joy than really one girl deserves. Watching them this week and really being able to have quality family time was such a blessing to both Jeff and I. Yes, we missed little Ellie, but knowing that she was fine with Grandma and Papa, we were able to really engage and connect with Matthew and Caroline.
I will cherish the memories we made this week, tear up I am sure when looking over the photos at what fun it was and long for everyday to be that special.
Hopefully, I will process it all, remember that just like when I was climbing the dune, its one step at a time. Sometimes we get tired and want to just stay on the lower part of the dune..but if we keep plugging away..the view from the top is amazing and well worth every sandy, sweaty step!

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