Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Couldn't really think of a better title so I went with "Ahhh". That is how I am feeling these days. Waay less stressed and more content. The kids are enjoying the summer and the lack of schedules to keep. Matthew and Caroline have both had swim lessons. In a few weeks were making our trek up to Silver Lake for our annual family vacation with Jeff's side of the family. We're leaving little Ellie Bellie with my mom this year. She still naps twice a day and honestly there isn't much room for her. Does that sound terrible:) We are confident all of us will have more fun..including little Belle. I think I will miss her terribly. A whole week without her! After we return Matthew goes to the Nature Center for a camp for a week and then Camp Grandma in August. All of our weekends are jammed packed practically between activities, pool parties, and my working every other weekend.
Speaking of working, I submitted another resume for a juvenile probation officer job for the county. I worked on my resume and am hopeful and prayerful that I at least get an interview. We will see!
We found out that Matthew will be going to Young Fives in the morning in the fall. At first I was bummed about this but am now embracing it. One of the issues we had last year was on his preschool days he would get going with his day and hated stopping to go to dreaded school. This way, with him going in the am, he will have it first thing and hopefully that will mean less arguments. Plus, with Caroline going T/TH pm, it will give us some alone time!
What else?? Not alot! On a unrelated note..keep Sam and his blood pressure in your prayers. He has been struggling with chronic hypertension and its stressing his parents and all of us who love him out. Its not a typical issue for Hypoplastic babies so the doctors are kind of stumped! We know our God can conquer anything so we just continue to ask and plead on his behalf!
Hope your enjoying you summer as much as us!!

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