Tuesday, December 29, 2009

10 for 2010

New Year's Resolutions suck!! I hate them and hardly ever make or keep them! But, this year, I am determined to make some that would make some MEANIGFUL differences in my life. So, here they are. I am picking ten for the year 2010 and I figure that will give me better odds at accomplishing at least one right:)

10.To not scream at my kids
9. To only have the t.v on for an hour a day
8. To read the Bible each day for a minimum of twenty minutes
7. To speak to my husband lovingly
6. To play with my kids, get down on the floor and play!!
5. To not eat chocolate everyday!
4. To make it to the gym at least 3 days a week
3. To finish my bible study!
2. To make time for "intimacy":))) I know your all laughing at this one but Jeff's having the "wires" cut soon so no more risks of baby Simpsons:)
1. To keep a journal again!
How about you all....what are your goals for 2010?? I miss comments!!
As for ringing in 2010..it will be Matthew and I again, heading to Grand Rapids to hang out with some good friends and their kids. Jeff has volunteered to hang out back here with "the girls". Christmas decor is nearly down and I am geared up for a great, pregnancy free year:)
Happy New Year!!


Jamie and Heather said...

I don't think I could keep the first one "Not scream at the kids" it sometimes just slips right out of me! :-)

Hmmmm, I need to think of what my ten are. Making me think.

have a great New Year with Mathew!

Anonymous said...

These are great! I know I've said it before and am a little embarrassed to keep saying it, but you and your family are so grounded in the important things in life. I really think you should write a book or do a TV show! Maybe you should all consider being together on New Years eve, that would be a great way to keep some of your resolutions, especialy those that are about family! Seems like a shame to be apart, and not together celebraiting your good fortune. Only so much time to build memories together, trust me, they grow fast. Good luck and God Bless you all!

Susan said...

Anon...I love your comments..but I am very curious..who are you??:)

Katie W. said...

Way to go, Sue! Now I've got to get on some resolutions, too! First of all, to have a healthy pregnancy (ie: not eat junk food too much, to exercise even when I'm too tired, etc.) I like the TV one too...I never had the tv on when Maeve was a baby, but now it is on for background noise more than it should be! I've been trying to limit it to one show for me and one for Maeve each day...she only watches the WonderPets anyway! :)

Anonymous said...

rock on Sue. my resolution is to read 12 books to improve myself in 4 areas (mind, heart, body, spiritual) and to grow closer to God thru prayer or bible reading. Also on the intimacy thing check out Alison Armstrong (PAX)