Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We have had a massive case of the sickies around here lately. It all began last Wednesday when Caroline started complaning about ear pain. She was running a low grade temp so I took her in and found out she had an ear infection. We got home and literally an hour later she spiked a 104 fever and was really sick. This continued for four days. Then on Friday, Matthew started with the temp and complaining of severe stomach pain. This is still going on. On Sunday night, I started feeling achy and yesterday my cough started. Hopefully, sometime soon,we will on be on the mend! I have been following a caringbridge page about a little girl who has a brain tumor. When I read about the daily struggles and serious pain that little girl is enduring it certainly puts our sufferings into perspective. I can't imagine, as awful as it has been to watch Matthew and Caroline these past few days to have that be your day to day reality, with no end it sight!
Work is going ok. Apparently, alot of the new people have already quit b/c of the way the trainers have been treating them. My boss asked me my opinion and I had to be put in a pretty awkward position. I didn't want to rat anyone out but it was pretty horrible. I can't imagine how it would be if you were a teenager and you had to deal with these girls. As a nearly 35 year old, I don't really care if these girls have an attitude. Hopefully, they will continue to get nicer. I worked with some really nice girls on Sunday.
Next week is Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to trying my hand at my first turkey.

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