Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Eye drs,u/s's and braces?

Like my creative titles? Yesterday I took Caroline and Ellie to the opthamologist in Grand Rapids for a check up for Caroline and for Ellie to have a consult because..thats right, you guessed it..she is showing signs of s lazy eye! I took her for her two month apt last week and the ped was asking about her tracking and I mentioned that her right away does turn in. She thought with our family history that it wouldn't be a bad idea to have her checked out. The verdict from the dr was that she is moderately far sighted at this point. He puts children on a scale of one to eight and most newborns are a 2. Ellie is currently a 4. But, she could outgrow this by six months. We will just have to wait and see. Caroline's prescription hasn't changed at all and she is doing good. She was pretty good yesterday and they were able to get her to cooperate more than she has in the past. That girl drives me crazy!! Another issue that presented itself at Ellie's apt was that the ped heard her hip clicking on the right side which could indicate hip dysplasia. So, on Thursday she is having a hip U/S and x ray. If these tests show that she indeed does have this she will have to wear a brace. In light of the fact of knowing babies like Sam, this in the grand scheme of things isn't a big deal. But, I have to laugh at the collection of baby medical devices. We have Matthew's helmet, Caroline's glasses and now perhaps hip braces for Ellie. Again, were just thankful these issues aren't really issues at all.
Work is going pretty good. The people who live there are very sweet and gracious. My coworkers are funny, I forgot how petty and sensitive teenagers can be. Oh the drama. I just bus my tables, restock the creamers and keep my nose out of the drama. Been there done that! One of the girls was saying to me how, once I work there for awhile, that I would see how annoying the people are. I can pretty much guarentee that none of those people could even come close to being as annoying as the people I worked with at the State's Atty office in Chicago.
I am working alot in the coming weeks, but I have to say I like the money and paying off the debt!! to go, kids thowing toys at each other..more later

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