Thursday, October 15, 2009

Whee...Squeaky's three!

Caroline turned three on Monday! I can't believe its been three years! I remember the day she was born vividly. There was a early "snowstorm" that brought Kalamazoo over five inches of beautiful snow. Caroline has been stronged willed since the moment she came into this world. From a finicky and colicky baby to a fiestly toddler..she can be challenging. But, she is also sweet and endearing and passionate. I hope to help her become and put forth all of her characteristics to live a happy, healthy and productive life and most importingly to know and honor God in all she does. I always say that with her personality, Caroline will either be the fiercest servant the Lord has ever known or the worst influence imaginable...a burden that I don't take lightly in parenting her! She can frustrate me but she more often than not she is my little sweetie who loves "huggies" and her mama. Funny enough..right now she is screaming crying over some trivial incident...again..strong willed dosen't begin to cover it with her...
She is an amazing big sister and I look forward to watching her relationship with Ellie blossom and grow over the years. She loves her big brother Matthew and is his favorite playmate. Being that I was a middle child and now, with the arrival of Ellie, Caroline is too..I have found a special place right in the middle of my heart for her.
In other Simpson news...this weekend Ellie and I are headed to Chicago to meet up with my sister at my parent's for her to take Ellie's birth annoucment pics. Jeff is staying back with the older kids. He is excited not to have infant baby duty at all for two nights. He has been so great about helping me every night from about 10-3am.
Also, I am now employed!! I will be working part time at a retirement home, serving meals to the residents. The hours are good, 3:30-7 two nights a week and one weekend day I will work either 6am-2pm or 3:30-7. Jeff is changing his schedule to be home at 4:30 the nights I work and Jeff's mom has agreed to come and stay with the kids until he gets home. Its minimum wage but it will provide extra income and Jeff won't have to work at Jackson Hewitt this winter, which we both love!! I will get some sanity and we will be paying off more debt!! A win-win for everyone!!

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