Friday, October 09, 2009

Chugging along

I will say since the arrival of Ellie Bellie...finding time to blog has become rather challenging! But, I will also say that I LOVE having three kids. I feel very complete and that defintely three was the number for us! Ellie is still up alot at night and still I don't care! I love that little baby so much that sometimes I look foward to the four o clock hour to watch " Without at Trace" eat Skittles, and stare at my perfect little miracle. Seriously, sometimes, I just look at her, with tears in my eyes and think " We didn't even know we wanted you!!" That is totally how I feel about her. The best Xmas present I never knew I always wanted!! With every passing day our schedule is getting more into a groove.
Today, I interviewed for a part time job at an assistant living home. It would be only 16 hours a week, with one day a weekend. Basically I would be serving meals to the residents. But, it would provide some extra income to help pay off debt and get me some "me" time. My prayer is that if this if what God wants, he will open the door!
This Monday is Caroline's third birthday! I can hardly believe its been three years since that little girl came into our lives!! We're having a family party on Sunday and going to Gull Meadows on Monday for her actual birthday.
Well, the sleeping on four hours a night is hitting I am off to bed! Happy weekend!


Katie W. said...

I think 3 is your perfect number, too! Ellie is SO cute, and you seem so relaxed as a mommy of three! :) Good luck at your interview...I have to say, I love working a little bit each week; it really makes me love the time I have at home even more! :)

Anonymous said...

One of my friends shared your blog with me, and it's so great to read about how happy you are. It's a struggle for us everyday with our three, so it's encouraging to know that we can get through this. I don't know how you do it with such patience! I was reading some of your earlier posts, and it's nice to see your son also seems to be coming around!

I'll keep reading your posts, it's nice to see someone with such a level head and positive perspective.

Susan said...

Dear Anon
Thanks for such nice comments but I wanted to clarify that I am about the most inpatient mom around when it comes to my three and four year old! In fact..I just finished screaming at them and its only 8:20!! i think we all do the best we can! Thanks!!