Saturday, October 24, 2009

The autumn leaves drift past my window...

I love fall and I forgot just how much I love it until it comes around every year. I love the smell of pumpkin bread baking in the oven, an apple scented candle a glow filling our house with yummy smells. Meatloaf, stew and chili come back into the dinner rotation, visits to Gull Meadows..those sinful donuts, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Things are fine here in west Michigan. Its been a chilly fall but I can't complain, what would be the use anyways! We have all remained pretty healthy in light of all the illness around us. We're in full throttle of our schedules and the kids seem to be thriving in it all. I did get the part time job at the retirement home and should begin next week. It will be nice to have something for myself and to make some extra money. I have been wanting something like this for awhile and am grateful for the opportunity.
I am looking forward to Thanksgiving this year as it will be the first one with just our immediate( Jeff,me, Matthew,Caroline and Ellie) family. I decided that I don't want the stress of traveling to Chicago or even going anywhere locally. I really am looking forward to starting our own traditons here in the Simpson household. I think the same will apply for Christmas as far as traveling but we will of course see family here. Sometimes it just nice to hang out at home and not always be rushing and stressing about how the kids will behave elsewhere. Plus, on Christmas its so much fun to just relax and have what Matthew likes to call "Family day" where we stay in our pj's, eat monkey bread for breakfast, play games, watch movies and make forts. With a 4,3 and baby in tow..this holiday season will be filled with wonder and excitment! I can hardly wait!!
We're headed to a Halloween party in a little while. We're trying out a new babysitter from church who has watched the kids before during small group. We need a new sitter as our college girl is expecting a baby in December! It was a spur of the moment decision and seeing as how I loathe dressing up for Halloween, I am wearing my "Fireproof" tee shirt I just got at MOPS this week that says, " My husband rocks" ..I am going as the adoring wife...those of you that know me, know I love getting away with basically not dressing up at all. Last year I went as Jeff's high school girlfriend which meant that I wore his old hockey jersey and his class ring. I like to think people have come to expect lame outfits from me!! There has been a lot of sickness around here and at church so we're skipping tomorrow and having a modified family day! Enjoy your fall!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Whee...Squeaky's three!

Caroline turned three on Monday! I can't believe its been three years! I remember the day she was born vividly. There was a early "snowstorm" that brought Kalamazoo over five inches of beautiful snow. Caroline has been stronged willed since the moment she came into this world. From a finicky and colicky baby to a fiestly toddler..she can be challenging. But, she is also sweet and endearing and passionate. I hope to help her become and put forth all of her characteristics to live a happy, healthy and productive life and most importingly to know and honor God in all she does. I always say that with her personality, Caroline will either be the fiercest servant the Lord has ever known or the worst influence imaginable...a burden that I don't take lightly in parenting her! She can frustrate me but she more often than not she is my little sweetie who loves "huggies" and her mama. Funny enough..right now she is screaming crying over some trivial incident...again..strong willed dosen't begin to cover it with her...
She is an amazing big sister and I look forward to watching her relationship with Ellie blossom and grow over the years. She loves her big brother Matthew and is his favorite playmate. Being that I was a middle child and now, with the arrival of Ellie, Caroline is too..I have found a special place right in the middle of my heart for her.
In other Simpson news...this weekend Ellie and I are headed to Chicago to meet up with my sister at my parent's for her to take Ellie's birth annoucment pics. Jeff is staying back with the older kids. He is excited not to have infant baby duty at all for two nights. He has been so great about helping me every night from about 10-3am.
Also, I am now employed!! I will be working part time at a retirement home, serving meals to the residents. The hours are good, 3:30-7 two nights a week and one weekend day I will work either 6am-2pm or 3:30-7. Jeff is changing his schedule to be home at 4:30 the nights I work and Jeff's mom has agreed to come and stay with the kids until he gets home. Its minimum wage but it will provide extra income and Jeff won't have to work at Jackson Hewitt this winter, which we both love!! I will get some sanity and we will be paying off more debt!! A win-win for everyone!!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Chugging along

I will say since the arrival of Ellie Bellie...finding time to blog has become rather challenging! But, I will also say that I LOVE having three kids. I feel very complete and that defintely three was the number for us! Ellie is still up alot at night and still I don't care! I love that little baby so much that sometimes I look foward to the four o clock hour to watch " Without at Trace" eat Skittles, and stare at my perfect little miracle. Seriously, sometimes, I just look at her, with tears in my eyes and think " We didn't even know we wanted you!!" That is totally how I feel about her. The best Xmas present I never knew I always wanted!! With every passing day our schedule is getting more into a groove.
Today, I interviewed for a part time job at an assistant living home. It would be only 16 hours a week, with one day a weekend. Basically I would be serving meals to the residents. But, it would provide some extra income to help pay off debt and get me some "me" time. My prayer is that if this if what God wants, he will open the door!
This Monday is Caroline's third birthday! I can hardly believe its been three years since that little girl came into our lives!! We're having a family party on Sunday and going to Gull Meadows on Monday for her actual birthday.
Well, the sleeping on four hours a night is hitting I am off to bed! Happy weekend!