Monday, September 28, 2009

A five person family

Well were settling into our new world of having three children! Somedays it seems pretty easy others not so much. I have to say that overall its not been too bad. I really think the transition from one to two in less than 2 years was much more difficult for me. Also, besides being somewhat of a night owl, little Ellie is quite a laid back, easy baby so far. Matthew and Caroline continue to adjust to their new life. At this point Caroline seems to be handling it the best, while Matthew seems to struggle somedays. He seems to be king of negative attention!! Even with lots of special alone time with mommy, daddy, grandma, aunts and cousins...its been tough. I still really struggle at how to best parent that little guy. He knows so well how to get my goat, so to speak...and it can be extremly frustrating and make for some really long days. School has started and other extra curricular activitites, soccer for Matthew and dance for Caroline, which has been fun for the kids.
Ellie has had her first medical issue. As you all know, Caroline's nickname of "Squeaky" came about when she was a newborn and was always squeaking. Well, Ellie is even more squeaky and sometimes seems like its laborious. I took her to the ped and she referred us to the ENT for further testing. There are a couple of different things it could be, hopefully nothing too serious.
Well, with the basement trashed, the sink full of dishes and a baby girl that needs to be fed..this mommy better get going! Happy Fall!

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Hummel Family said...

I have been thinking of you! Hope all is well with you (and those adorable kidders)!!!