Thursday, August 20, 2009

The sweetest baby

Today I got to watch little Sam for almost two hours...what a joy! He is such an easy going baby and so smiley! It was also a good "practice" round for our upcoming arrival. Matthew and Caroline loved having him here..but had to be reminded several times to not touch and that they couldn't hold him, etc. They just wanted to help but obviously we're all very germaphobics when it comes to him! We can't have him getting sick. I fed him his bottle and he fell asleep in my arms and I nearly was in tears holding him. Praying that this surgery that will happen in nearly three weeks will be immeasurably more successful than we can ever even hope for. That the surgeons would be able to just knit together a way for him to not struggle too much. Thinking of him with a breathing tube and chest tube again was so icky! I can't imagine being Jaime.
In other news, there isn't much. We're kind of in a holding pattern here, waiting for our little bundle to arrive. We're as ready as we're ever going to be. Its amazing how little you really need to be to bring home a baby. When you have your first you think you need so much and everything has to be washed and all set for the the third your way less concerned!
Caroline is attacking Matthew with a hockey stick...better go!

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Hummel Family said...

Hey lady! I just caught up with you on the blog. Honestly I haven't been following any blogs! Too much to be done around here, but I hate missing out on everything, so I made sure to take the time to see what is up with Sue!

I think its awesome you play a vital role in little Sam's life. Sometime, you may need to post a pic of the little guy.

About FB! I've been noticing that people have been weeding thru their friends list. It is a little hard when you find out they took you off their list. This has happened to me to. O-well, I guess life goes on. I am glad you and I are still FB buddies. Although, I haven't been paying much attention to FB lately. So little time in my day! :)

Hope you are feeling good this week with the pregnancy. I can't believe your bundle of joy will be arriving next month! Time flies, well maybe not for you! :)

Have a good weekend.