Friday, August 28, 2009

So I don't forget...

Caroline and Matthew have really changed alot this summer. Matthew has definetly emerged from a toddler to a full blown preschooler. He sometimes can be mouthy, which I don't like but he also has really profound insights into life, well beyond his four years and he is really a very sweet little boy. The other day one of the neighbor kids told him that their dad didn't like him. I know this little girl just said it to get a rise out of Matthew,although I will admit when he told me I wanted to march down the street and throw her into a wall and scream, "Don't you ever say that to him again!!" GRRR...don't mess with this mama bear:) Anyways, I was reassuring Matthew that D's dad wouldn't ever say that. He looked at me with his big soulful blue eyes and said, " Ok mama, but next time you see him could you just say, Matthew Simpson is a very nice little boy." I almost cried. That has been a hard lesson to learn for both Matthew and me..the world of pettiness and sometimes people not being nice for no reason at all. You want to protect your kids from that for as long as possible but apparently four is the threshold! He has had an amazing summer just running around with the kids around her. Playing like a little boy should in the summer. He had fun at camp grandma and at Silver Lake with Jeff's side of the family. We have a various day trips to pools and lakes and our little fishy has enjoyed every minute of it! He especially enjoyed his first tubing experience. He is so brave...I love it! I hate a wimpy kid!! He is gearing up for his second year of preschool. I think he may be shaping up to have the same school ethic as his mommy...which is NOT a good thing! He dosen't care much for working on writing his name, letters, etc. I am hoping he has the smarts of his daddy and that he can accomplish alot with not much effort. The other day I was working on his name with him when again he flashed me his big blues and said, " I think I will just work on this in the fall...Mrs. Bronsink can teach me instead of you." :) He played tennis for six weeks and enjoyed it. Swimming lessons were a disaster but you would never know it when you see him swim...he is great! He starts soccer in two weeks and we're planning on signing him up for ice skating so he can play hockey!!
Now on to our almost three year old! It has been an amazing season of growth for our little girl. Her language skills finally seem to be catching up. I would say she is still behind but definetly making progress. Not so much the case with potty training..nowhere near trained. Socially she is becoming more mature and likes to hang out with her brother and the other older kids outside. There is less chasing going on but she still loves to take all of her riding cars out and push them into the street, all the while looking at me like, " Yah, whatcha going to do about it pregnant lady?" She definetly can be all attitude and has my temper...don't make her mad...she will take it directly to heart. She is still a great sleeper...I thought she had given up naps but it was just a bad week. She naps 2 hours a day and sleeps 12 hours a night...hopefully this continues when the baby arrives. She loves to color and do crafts and is absolutely brilliant when it comes to puzzles. She loves to climb and is really agile for her age. Some of the cute things she says is, "No Maffew..don't do that!" " Oh my goodness and " I loves you mommy." She has become more of buddy for me this summer and I feel like I am enjoying her more and more.
When it comes to the new baby...and her upcoming arrival..Matthew is thrilled. He will be a great big brother. Caroline...well, lets just say the jury is still out on her. She definetly is aware that there is a baby in mommy's swollen belly and sometimes she will come up and kiss me on the belly and say, " AHhhh, baby" and other times she wacks me there and says, " No baby!!" I am sure there will be a period of adjustment for all of us...but I am sure soon everyone won't be able to remember a time we didn't have whatshername:))) No, we still haven't committed but that makes it more exciting this time.
Well, I think that catches me and you up on what my kids have been up to!

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