Monday, August 10, 2009

Seriously Sue!

After thinking about my post about the Facebook issue and talking to my favorite sounding board and advice giver (Jeff) I am officially apologizing for questionining said "defriender"'s Christianity. The anon commenter is right, I have no right or way of knowing how "Christian" someone is and to make a sweeping generalization like that is not at all what Christ would have us do. So, I apologize. I guess there is a chance that this person never deleted me, I will never know. But, me being passive aggressive back certainly says nothing about my Christianity.
Today, as I was stewing about all of this, I got a call from Jaime who was very emotional about Sam's second surgery being scheduled. As I sat there and listened I thought to myself, "Seriously Sue...people are dealing with REAL issues, REAL heartaches, and your stewing over Facebook friends"...Grow up!
I love a good self pep talk!:)

So, again...sorry if anyone is mom was and is right, If you don't have anything nice to blog about...don't blog at all:)

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Anonymous said...

Had to check in with your blog since I haven't in quite some time. LOL I love the title "Seriously Sue." Could be the title of a book or something :)