Sunday, August 09, 2009

Seriously people

I just realized that a person deleted me from their "friends" on Facebook. Is this the newest form of social rejection? Now, I have to say, that I pretty much think this person represents everything that is wrong with Christianity today. So, I am not surprised nor do I care since I really am not friends with them anyways, but seriously...deleting each other on FB?
To that end, I am seriously thinking about making my blog private. I am tired of not knowing who reads it and really don't want people I don't particularly care for having access to it anymore.
I will have to consider it some more and let you know...until then...


Nyssa's Mommy said...

It is rather annoying isn't it? I hate that.

PS: I'm not going to check and make sure you are on my friends list. I think I just read your status update today, so I'm pretty sure it's not me!!

Anonymous said...

You should be very careful not to judge. Facebook does some crazy things sometimes and unlinks people that were friends without them knowing. This has happened to me with people that I'm best friends with. It is better to ask than assume. I asked, we laughed about it and moved on.
Also, I think you should be very careful talking about another person's Christianity. I find it very interesting that you said you aren't even friends with this person, yet you feel you know them well enough to comment on their level of Christianity. I know that for myself that even people that are my closest friends, I may still not know or understand their spiritual life. We should worship with them, fellowship with them, learn with them. That still doesn't give me the right or the knowledge to know deep in to their heart.

Susan said...

I think that anonymous comments aren't the best form of communication.