Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Today Jaime took Sam to the ped cardiologist for a regular exam...it did not go well, in fact, it couldn't have gone worse. Apparently, he has developed a narrowing in his aorta which is causing his blood pressures to be too high. They need to take him to Ann Arbor next Wednesday to have a heart cath the hopefully ballon it open, to regulate his pressures, so he can have his second surgery which is already scheduled for the 14th of September.If he doesn't get the surgery, his long term prognosis is obviously very grave indeed. Jaime is obviously devasted. She loves her little boy so much and so hopes for God to heal Him. She knows that is still possible but the realities of the medical conditions Sam faces can't be ignored in times like today.
I found myself again without any words. She knew there was nothing I could say, we just hugged and I offered any help with the girls,etc. I have been pleading with God and will continue to do so. To heal this little boy, for the best possible outcome and a long life here on Earth for little Sam.
Please continue to lift this family up!

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