Saturday, August 08, 2009

34 weeks and I want this baby out!

Never in my past two pregnancies did I ever want to have a baby more!! I am officially uncomfortable, sick of peeing every ten minutes, want to be done! I had a dream last night about our little darling and wonder if her looks will match the dream. She was just a petite little thing in my dream with a danity little look about her. Time will tell...officially I have five weeks and four days and yes, I am counting.
I think the kids are ready, heck what am I saying, what almost three and 4 year old are ready for a new infant to come into their little worlds!? I am ready to just get on with it and have our world's turned upside down! Really, I am ready to hold this little piece of heaven, to smell that newborn smell again, to nurse a teeny tiny one again and to try to not get bogged down in all the chaos but to just cherish her and our time together b/c it is so, so fleeting.
Baby Sam will probably have his second surgery around the same time as she makes her debut. I am praying that is goes smoothly and that he is back at home and meeting his new buddy as soon as possible. Things have gotten pretty normal again around here with us and when Jaime told me about his second surgery being sooner than later, I have to admit that I found myself taken aback. When you see Sam, he seems so normal. You do forget that this little guy only is working with half a heart. I know he is in the best possible hands imaginable and the God has him in the palm of his hand. I just pray that Jaime and Steve and the girls would sense that and all would go as good as it could and that they are able to resume their new normal again here in Portage!

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