Tuesday, July 14, 2009

September 18th

Is when the new little bundle of joy will appear in our lives. I went to the doctor today and was surprised at this date. For Matthew I was induced and after a horrific experience which included the doctor and midwife basically standing on me and throwing out "F" bombs...Matthew was born via c sec. Apparently, actually, I should say, IRONICALLY..I have a small pelvis. Go figure! The one thing on me that I needed to be large..is small. Anyways, I went for a repeat c sec with Caroline and for being awake whilst being cut open goes,it was a very pleasent experience. But, I had her a 39 weeks. So I went in there today all expecting the 10th or 11th to be her birthday. I have switched doctors and this man, an incredibly nice Indian doctor says he doesn't like to do c secs until closer to 40 weeks for risks of respitory issues. The chance is small that something would be wrong but he doesn't see the point in taking the chance. I can't really either..especially after seeing little Sam the Man on a vent a few months back...NO THANK YOU! So, I must endure pregnancy for an additional week. Of course mother nature and baby S may have an idea all there own. I know plenty of people who have had planned c secs and their babies come all on their own.
Have you noticed I am not constantly calling the baby Emma? Yes, indecision had crept its way back into my naming abilities. I don't know why I struggle so much with naming girls. I still think it will end up being Emma but kinda of want to see her and see what happens. I have thought of some new names to. Jeff isn't a fan of some of them so we will see what I can accomplish between now and September 18th.
Matthew started swimming lessons this week and loves it! Next week tennis starts for six weeks, which he is super excited for. He has been driving mommy really nuts lately so I am trying to stay sane but man that kid can drive me CRAZY!
I finally started reading my Bible again. After reading one of Jaime's caring bridge posts, I have started reading JOHN. We're even going to start doing a Bible study together once a week together. Can I say again how blessed I am to have her in my life and especially as my neighbor!!!

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