Friday, July 31, 2009

Its a job

That is my new outlook on parenting. Before I had kids, I thought of parenting as easy, breezy because, quite frankly, that is how most of my nannying gigs were. When I wasn't the parent, kids pretty much always listened, I was creative all the time because I was being paid to be, I was patient most of the time b/c I knew come six o clock I was outta there and it was there parents job to pick up the slack.
Now, its me (and Jeff) 24-7! And b/c I have chosen to stay home, its pretty much me a majority of the time. The other day,I was having a rather rough day and had enough of little boys not listening and little girls whiny incessently and I was screaming at the kids and thought.." What the heck is going on here?" "Is this really what I want my kids to remember about growing up? A super stressed out, screaming, over reactive mommy? Of course not?! But, at the same time, its soooooooo very draining and not at all what I thought it would look like that it gets really depressing! Add to that thought a newborn and I might just be committed...SERIOUSLY! So, I have decided to look at it more like a job. To plan, to speak to my kids, especially when they are at their worst with love and patience because after all I would expect that of someone being paid to watch them! I have been trying to do things they would like to do, even when I don't feel like it because I owe that much to them. I have been given two precious gifts and many days I feel like I don't look at it like that at all. We will see how this all pans out once baby girl arrives and all hell breaks loose!:)
Speaking of her, she will come on Sept 17th now if all goes as planned. We still aren't firm on her name but have narrowed it down. We have pieced together all our "hand me down" items from various friends, garage sales and second hand shops. All I really have to do is wash the clothes and things she will need during those first weeks. I will admit I am SUPER excited to meet this little girl. Every night when I am falling asleep I think about the c sec and that moment when I will see her.
This weekend we're going out to dinner with friends tonight and tomorrow we're going to Grand Rapids for a party at our friends house. We're spending the night! Probably our last night away before we're parents of three! Have a good weekend!

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