Sunday, July 05, 2009


We're here in Silver Lake, on vacation with Jeff's family for the week. We've only been here for a day, but so far its been very fun and enjoyable time. Matthew and Caroline are at such a fun age to bring on vacation. At 4 and nearly 3, they are a lot less high maintenance this year. Matthew, who is quite the little fish,loves the water and is really able to be in the water without alot of help. Caroline, needs a little more help, but with her cute little voice pleading for "Huggies, huggies!" from every family member who happens to be near her in the water, she is one cute waterbug! The cottage Jeff's mom rented this year is much more condusive to small kids, with a nice sized lawn and sandy area. Last night we took Matthew to the fireworks, where he was adorable. He asked if the fish in Silver Lake could see the fireworks too and when I said probably he responded by saying, " I bet they are saying, (making a fish noise with his mouth) Wow...these fireworks are beautiful." It was one of those moments that you forget all the naughty times and just hug them a little tighter. I have been following and praying for the Buck's friend's little girl,Kate, who was found to have a brain tumor this week. When you hear about stories like this, it reminds you to hug your little ones a little tighter.
I am planning on continuing to enjoy the week,enjoy my family and especially my little boy and girl!! Have a great week!!!

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