Monday, June 08, 2009

Girls weekend fun

I went to Bay Harbor in Petoskey this past weekend for my annual girl's weekend. It was so relaxing and lots of fun. We left early Friday morning and came back late afternoon Sunday. We went into Petoskey both Friday night for dinner and shopping and lunch on Saturday. We also went to a club at the casino on Saturday night for some of the best people watching I have ever experienced in my life. Serious stomach pains from laughing so hard all weekend! I have met all these girls through Jeff's buddies from high school and college. We have been friends now for over ten years. Its nice to have gone through some stages in life together and be able to confide in each other for various issues. These days alot of our conversations seem to revolve around child rearing and marriage issues.
Jeff stayed back here and held down the fort. I know I have said it before but I am so grateful for how willing and how wonderful he is about letting me get away. He is a truly awesome dad! (and husband)! This week is relatively slow. On Friday afternoon we're headed to Chicago to see our friend's Rachael and Scott in the Western Suburbs. They have two kids almost the same ages as M and C so it will be fun. Jeff is golfing with Scott on Saturday and Rachael and I are hoping for good weather so we can be outside in the FENCED in backyard with the kids. I love when we're somewhere with a fenced in yard so little Caroline can make a run for it! These days at 26 weeks pregnant,chasing her is getting harder and harder. I can't believe I only thirteen weeks left. It seems like I was just in shock at a positive test. I even get taken aback when I pass a mirror and see my ever expanding belly in the, "Whoa...that's me, I am pregnant!"
Sam came home this weekend. What a difference two weeks makes. Last time I saw him he was on vent and now he looks like a normal, healthy little guy, minus the feeding tube. Its good to have them home!

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