Tuesday, June 23, 2009

11 weeks

I can hardly believe that I only have about 11 weeks left to go in this my FINAL pregnancy. I remember when I was pregnant with Caroline, about this time in it I thought the same thing but didn't truly feel like our family was complete. Boy, was I right:) Little Emma moves a ton which is nice but she is much more ailen like with her movements then Caroline was. Matthew barely moved at all! Sometimes I wish I had a window into my womb to see what the heck is going on in there!
I am growing very tired of how rude people can be about commenting on my pregnant girth. I don't know if its b/c I am thinner this time than with the other kids, but man, have I heard it all. Last Sunday at church, women, who I believe was a guest b/c I didn't recognize her said, "Due anyday huh?" I smiled politely and said, "Well, not really, actually I am due in Sept" She looked at me, with huge eyes and said, "OH MY GOD!!! NO WAY" " I just can't believe it, are you having twins?" I just looked at her with a disgusted look I am sure and said, " Well believe it and no, its just one" I do feel like lately the girth has gotten pretty substantial. I am always hungry too. But, I am still at less than ten pounds gained so I am ok with that.
I started this post three days ago! I am having trouble finding my way to the computer these days. At night, I seem to park it in front of the t.v and remain there, dozing in and out of sleep until I end up dragging my pregnant but upstairs to bed! This weekend is birthday weekend for us. We have our niece Allison's 15th birthday celebration tonight and our friend's from church's little boy's first bday tomorrow after church. Next week is busy with doctor, chiropractor and massage for me, birthday party for Matthew and my mom and brother are coming up on Thursday. My brother recently lost his job, and relocated back to Chicago with his family (wife, and two daughters ages 4 and 1) He is VERY handy but has always been way out of state, most recently in EDMONTON, CANADA! So, I am taking advantage of his vast home repair Bob Vila self and having him do all the stuff Jeff NEVER does! All of this and we're leaving of our week vacation to Silver Lake on the Fourth! Busy, busy, just the way I like it!

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