Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My vain imagination

Last night I was so gripped with fear over this new little one growing inside that I was wishing I could take a Zanax!:( I have been much better about this lately b/c of the Esther Bible study that I just concluded by Beth Moore. One thing that she said that will stick with me for evermore was that God's grace isn't intended for our vain imagination. Just because I can work up every horrifying scenario in my brain dosen't mean that qualifies me for grace and peace through Christ. In fact, I would reckon to say that it downright angers God when we lack trust in Him and His plan. I will admit thinking about that make the anxiety all the worse. I just keep praying through it by repeating the words.."VAIN IMAGINATION" over and over. The anxiety passed and I could almost swear that I could hear God sighing thinking " This women is driving me crazy!":)
Short and sweet but on my mind...

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Shelly Buck said...

LOL- really hard. I think God thinks this of me all the time... we're two peas in a pod