Thursday, April 09, 2009

May 1st

I was at the doctors today. Heard the little heartbeat...150 and got my u/s date. May 1st we will be finding out what the baby is. I met with the midwife, even though I am a scheduled c sec, I have met with the midwife twice now. She is so nice and understanding. We spent alot of time talking today about my neurotic self and she made me feel completly normal..just what you want in a medical professional! The baby is sitting really high which surprised me but I have felt alot of moment and higher up which explains it! I am still conflicted on what this baby is. Somedays I am sure its a boy, others sure its a girl. Only time will tell!

Caroline has been horribly sick with a version of rotovirus. She has had diahrea ( I can never spell this word;) for over ten days now...uggh! I think finally, today she is better! Poor little girl has been in so much pain, her little behind is just raw. Last night she took her diaper off twice and was screaming "Ooowee, owee, mommy huggie" Just about broke my heart. But, she won't let me put cream on her so it takes Jeff holding her down and me putting on the cream to accomplish that mission. I was sick yesterdaywith a fever, chills and a sore throat. I feel much better today thankfully!

Easter weekend should be filled with fun. Jeff's sister Jenny is coming to town and so we will be there on Sat. Sunday is church and our church's first annual Easter egg hunt. Afterwards we're going to Barb's for dinner. My mom is back from FL and coming up next week to help me prepare for next weekend's garage sale!

Happy Easter!

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Hummel Family said...

Poor Caroline! Having a sore bottom is miserable. Just ask Maylee Bug! She's been there numerous times. Isn't it awful having to hold them down for diaper cream? It breaks my heart, but I know it will only help them get better. I hope Caroline is back to her normal self.

I can't wait for May 1st to get here! I hope you will blog that evening!! or a day or so after. I am so excited for you guys. :) :) :) :)

Good luck with your garage sale. Isn't setting up the hardest of it all??? I hope it was worth it and that you make lots of money!