Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Flares and sucky birthdays!

Its been a bad fourth birthday around west Michigan. Today is Matthew's 4th birthday. After the poor little guy has suffered with horrible abdominal pain and constipation for the past seven days, he came down with a high fever last night. This morning we were suppose to go to Great Wolf Lodge this morning but alas with fever boy we couldn't go. I knew we were in trouble when I told him and he said, "Ok mommy" Bless his little heart. All he said was, " Thats ok, mommy, I know its not Christmas, but I would really love to watch Frosty" Too cute for words! It took him back to the doctors to make sure he wasn't having anything serious going on with his tummy. They think its just bad luck and he caught a virus! I feel like we can't catch a break from the sickness around here. First Caroline had the runs for ten days then an ear infection and now Matthew and his tummy troubles.
In other crappy health news, my mom's dermatamytotsis is back. She got some of the symptoms about a month ago but was in denial. She finally went in for a blood test and her level that measures when its flaring are slightly elevated. The good news is that she has caught it much, much earlier than when she was initially diagnosed almost two years ago but she has to go back on predisone and metheltrexate,which is a cancer drug which caused her to lose a lot of hair last time. This time she has no muscle involvement which is great. We're just praying that it goes back in remission soon and that all the CT scans she will have come back clean with no signs of anything else going on. You all know me and my tendancy to overthink, and bascially freak out. I am happy to report that I am not doing this. I think I have come to terms with the fact that I am 34, my mom is nearly 62..people have things come up when they get older. Freaking out and fretting won't make anything easier..
I am anxious to get our u/s over with. I will admit I don't have as much peace about this upcoming procedure. I am pretty excited to find out what this little baby is though!
So, tommorrow we're off to Great Wolf Lodge..with lots and lots of Motrin!:)


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