Saturday, April 25, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge fun!

We ended up making it to Great Wolf Lodge and having a fantastic time. It was a much needed break from all the regular routines we have around here. Not to mention that daddy/hubby has been very busy with tax season this year and we missed him. It was nice to just be with our family and enjoy our children. I really felt like I especially bonded with Caroline there which was nice considering she can definetly try my patience.
In other news, we purchased a mini van today. I am excited to pick it up on Weds. Its a used 2006 Town and Country. Its in great shape and has low miles which is what we were looking for. It will certainly come in handy when baby number three joins us in September. As I mentioned in my last post, my mom has relapsed with her muscle disease. She is having CAT scans done on Tuesday, so please pray for good results and non anxious spirits!:) Friday am is my big u/s and I will post both on FB and here on Friday pm. Big week for us! Praying for all good news!:)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Flares and sucky birthdays!

Its been a bad fourth birthday around west Michigan. Today is Matthew's 4th birthday. After the poor little guy has suffered with horrible abdominal pain and constipation for the past seven days, he came down with a high fever last night. This morning we were suppose to go to Great Wolf Lodge this morning but alas with fever boy we couldn't go. I knew we were in trouble when I told him and he said, "Ok mommy" Bless his little heart. All he said was, " Thats ok, mommy, I know its not Christmas, but I would really love to watch Frosty" Too cute for words! It took him back to the doctors to make sure he wasn't having anything serious going on with his tummy. They think its just bad luck and he caught a virus! I feel like we can't catch a break from the sickness around here. First Caroline had the runs for ten days then an ear infection and now Matthew and his tummy troubles.
In other crappy health news, my mom's dermatamytotsis is back. She got some of the symptoms about a month ago but was in denial. She finally went in for a blood test and her level that measures when its flaring are slightly elevated. The good news is that she has caught it much, much earlier than when she was initially diagnosed almost two years ago but she has to go back on predisone and metheltrexate,which is a cancer drug which caused her to lose a lot of hair last time. This time she has no muscle involvement which is great. We're just praying that it goes back in remission soon and that all the CT scans she will have come back clean with no signs of anything else going on. You all know me and my tendancy to overthink, and bascially freak out. I am happy to report that I am not doing this. I think I have come to terms with the fact that I am 34, my mom is nearly 62..people have things come up when they get older. Freaking out and fretting won't make anything easier..
I am anxious to get our u/s over with. I will admit I don't have as much peace about this upcoming procedure. I am pretty excited to find out what this little baby is though!
So, tommorrow we're off to Great Wolf Lodge..with lots and lots of Motrin!:)


Thursday, April 09, 2009

May 1st

I was at the doctors today. Heard the little heartbeat...150 and got my u/s date. May 1st we will be finding out what the baby is. I met with the midwife, even though I am a scheduled c sec, I have met with the midwife twice now. She is so nice and understanding. We spent alot of time talking today about my neurotic self and she made me feel completly normal..just what you want in a medical professional! The baby is sitting really high which surprised me but I have felt alot of moment and higher up which explains it! I am still conflicted on what this baby is. Somedays I am sure its a boy, others sure its a girl. Only time will tell!

Caroline has been horribly sick with a version of rotovirus. She has had diahrea ( I can never spell this word;) for over ten days now...uggh! I think finally, today she is better! Poor little girl has been in so much pain, her little behind is just raw. Last night she took her diaper off twice and was screaming "Ooowee, owee, mommy huggie" Just about broke my heart. But, she won't let me put cream on her so it takes Jeff holding her down and me putting on the cream to accomplish that mission. I was sick yesterdaywith a fever, chills and a sore throat. I feel much better today thankfully!

Easter weekend should be filled with fun. Jeff's sister Jenny is coming to town and so we will be there on Sat. Sunday is church and our church's first annual Easter egg hunt. Afterwards we're going to Barb's for dinner. My mom is back from FL and coming up next week to help me prepare for next weekend's garage sale!

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My vain imagination

Last night I was so gripped with fear over this new little one growing inside that I was wishing I could take a Zanax!:( I have been much better about this lately b/c of the Esther Bible study that I just concluded by Beth Moore. One thing that she said that will stick with me for evermore was that God's grace isn't intended for our vain imagination. Just because I can work up every horrifying scenario in my brain dosen't mean that qualifies me for grace and peace through Christ. In fact, I would reckon to say that it downright angers God when we lack trust in Him and His plan. I will admit thinking about that make the anxiety all the worse. I just keep praying through it by repeating the words.."VAIN IMAGINATION" over and over. The anxiety passed and I could almost swear that I could hear God sighing thinking " This women is driving me crazy!":)
Short and sweet but on my mind...