Friday, March 20, 2009

To know or not to know...that is the question bloggers!

We have a little under a month until we could determine the sex of said Simpson baby to be:) I have never been one of those people who wanted to wait till the end to find out..I mean its a surprise in April or its a surprise in September. But, I have had random changes of heart as of late. I mean, we have one of each and got rid of all of our baby clothes anyways. Its not like we're going to be going out and buying a ton of clothes no matter what. Remember people we're in a recession:)!!
Truly, all I care about on the date of our u/s is that little baby is healthy and happy and doing all he or she should be at 20 weeks. Which "parts" it comes with really doesn't matter because this baby is sleeping in Caroline's pink room no matter what for awhile at least! Actually, it will sleep in our room for at least three months before we have Matthew, our dead to the world sleeper share a room with baby bro or sis.
So, I am potentially leaving it up to you, fellow bloggers, let your voice be heard!


Nyssa's Mommy said...

FIND OUT!! Please. I need to know. I don't do very well with surprises~! (Like I'M the one who's having a baby LOL!) Either way I am happy for you!~

Holly said...

I've done it both ways, and I enjoy knowing so I can feel somewhat prepared.

Carrie said... you already know, we do not know what we are having this time. I liked finding out with Jonah and Lauren, but this time, it's really not driving me crazy not knowing. I am so excited to hear those words..."It's a _____!" during actually makes me feel less nervous about the c-section part with the anticipation of finding out! Crazy, I know. Who looks forward to surgery?!!! I do now! You should do what your heart is leading you to do...oh, and I guess Jeff's too (!) LOL

Anonymous said...

you must know! pleaseeeeeeee :)
i want to know if i'm having another boy cousin or another girl cousin!

your favorite niece EVER,

Shelly Buck said...

for sure, FIND OUT!!!!