Monday, December 01, 2008

Not me MOnday

So, I have been reading this womens blog for about six months now..she is wonderfully funny and a gifted writer. Her blog is check her out! Anyways, every MOnday she makes a list of funny things she "DID NOT" wink
So here are the things I most certainly didn't do...

I didn't let Matthew eat almost have a container of chocolate frosting so I could get the stupid marshmellow turkey's that I thought he would love making (and that he lost interest in about five minutes in)

I didn't let Caroline eat three bananas in a row today for breakfast so I wouldn't have to endure her saying, "NANA...NANA...NANA"

I didn't let them jump on their beds today so I could check my email and Facebook.

Nope..not me!

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