Thursday, December 04, 2008

My blog is almost 3!!

I was looking over past entries today and realized that on December 20th my blog will officially be three! I can't believe its been three years already! I am so glad I decided to do this. Its truly been a chronicle of the "Life and times of us". When I began I only had Matthew and now I am the mommy of two. I have been able to look back at entries and remember things I had forgotten took place and also seen where I have grown and (where I need to still do some work)
Because of this blog I have reconnected with past friends and made some new ones. It still amazes me how someone you don't even know except through their words and pictures can become a "Friend". I have learned so much from people like Adrienne, JoEllen, McMama, Shelly and Jody.
I am glad I have stuck with this blogging stuff!


Shelly Buck said...

not quite sure how to respond to that...quite the compliment. :-) I love getting to know all you "friends" too, although I wouldn't put quotations around them Friend.
Much love,

Susan said...

Shelly!! I love when you comment on my blog..your never in just deserve that in regard to inspiring me to be a better person... I want to see you!! Email me at
we need to get together!

the fitz five said...

Sue I am amazed at how quickly three years has gone. I have enjoyed your honesty, insight and humor. find me on facebook! Nicole LeYanna Fitzgerald. I couldn't find you but I will try again.