Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dead computer

My beloved Facebook has betrayed me! It has officially "killed" my computer. I suppose some would say its my own fault..I mean who clicks on random things when we all know that is a one way ticket to virusville. It got sick quickly on Tuesday afternoon and was a goner by Wednesday morning. Thankfully our friend Nick is a computer wiz and his lovely wife Katie "medi vac" it to their house on Thursday. So,hopefully we will be up and running again shortly.
This past week was a good one for us. Matthew had his first school Christmas program. He was NOT into singing at all! He just sat down on the rafters and looked at us like it was all craziness. He was really well behaved (besides not singing) I suppose it could have had something to do with the fact that someone bribed him with a soda if he cooperated, surely this was not his mother!:)
Caroline has been up to her usual mischief. The other day Matthew went up to get her from her nap and screamed "Mommy, there is poop all over..Caroline took off her diaper" Indeed this was true and it was all over the bottom half of her body and the carpet..EEEW! She was not pleased with having to be whisked into the bathtub and proceeded to scream and cry and throw toys at me. Nice! Later that day, Matthew found her upstairs in the bathtub, fully dressed and filling up a bucket of water..that little pistol!
Last night I spent the night at our church for an all nighter for the girls at our youth group. It was pretty fun and I even managed some sleep!
Hope your holiday season is going well!

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