Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We're members of the Y! My parents decided to do "joint" gifts this year. After much deliberation, Jeff and I decided that we would go for that. So, for the next six months that is where you will find me working out! I am so happy not to have to be out in the cold weather anymore. I am dedicated but man did that start to really stink! Plus, the daycare at the Y is super cheap and Matthew and Caroline really love it. We have gone everyday since we joined. We go in the afternoon during what I like to call "the witching hour" 3-4:30 pm. They play with some friends and I get to listen to my IPOD, watch adult t.v and get stronger and healthier. At this point in my weight loss journey, I really needed something to get me to the next level. Walking wasn't really giving me much of a workout anymore. Plus, I have come to realize while doing the Nautilus machines, that I have definetly loss alot of muscle in my rapid weight loss...I am so weak,its pretty pathetic actually. When I was heavier, I was much stronger. Oh well, I can build those babies back up.
WARNING..the next topic may be TMI for some..I was seriously worried that I was "with child" late this weekend and until today. I guess I am blogging about this b/c I am not sure what we should do about bc. We're like 99.9% sure we want no more children..Jeff would argue he is 110% sure:) But, our ridiculous Catholic insurance wont' cover ANY birth control. Many people I know have the mirena iud and love it. I looked into that and its $800 and a vasectomy is more like $1300..wowza! Maybe my parents could give Jeff that for our anniversary..the gift that keeps on giving:) Just joking! Who knows but this paranoid, taking 5 pregnancy tests in three days has to end. Not sure why I am talking about this..there has to be people in this situation right?
Next week is Thanksgiving..yippee! We're staying home and going to Jeff's sister's. It should be a fun time. We will get to meet our newest cousin..Parker! Then the rest of the weekend will be dedicated to CHRISTMAS DECORATING! Good times!

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Nicole W said...

You can get the pill at Kroger for 9$ a month (just an FYI)