Friday, November 07, 2008

Pluggin away

At life that is. I swear since Facebook came into my life I am even more ADD! I can't seem to sit down and write anything. We're pluggin away here at the Simpson house. We had the kitchen painted on Monday and Tuesday! Goodbye awful wallpaper!
I took Caroline back to the allergist because her skin has been awful lately. They didn't really do anything all that helpful. We're trying giving her a daily dose of Zyrtec to see if this helps and keeping her greased up too! She goes to her 2 year check up this week so I am going to ask them about her food and skin issues then. I am thinking about maybe putting her on a gluten free diet but its a real commitment so we will see. If it makes her happier and more comfortable I would do anything! I am now helping out with our youth group at church. Its something I have been feeling called to do for some time and finally decided enough is enough and to JUST DO IT! We have a new youth pastor at our church who has really impressed me so far! I am excited to get to know the kids better. I think I am going to go to a Winter camp they are going to after New Years. I had alot of fun with them in Cedar Point..lets see how I hold up with winter sports!
I am helping out in Matthew's class for the first time on Tuesday! I pray it goes well! He is contiuning to really do awesome in school!
This weekend we're sticking around town. Jeff may take Matthew to the Holiday parade dowtown tommorrow and then tomorrow night Jeff and I are going out to celebrate a friend's birthday! Sunday we have nursery and I am making my famous..ok not so famous chili for small group! The weather is finally turning cold, which I have to admit I don't mind so much, at least thru Christmas! Happy Weekend!

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Carrie said...

Have fun in Matthew's class!! I'm helping in Jonah's for the first time on Wednesday! Talk to you later!