Sunday, November 23, 2008

One of those days

Its one of those days when I want to literally get into my car, wait, first I would pack a bag, get into my car and just drive! The kids are driving me crazy,I feel scattered and as if I can't accomplish anything..yuck!
This weekend has been decent except for today. Friday I went to my friend Carol's lakehouse with some girlfriends for the night..yes, I suppose after having a night away I should be more sane, not the case. I really wish that Jeff and I could get away for the weekend and just be alone together. Even checking into a hotel down the street for two days of just "us" would be perfect for me! I miss him..yes, we see each other nearly everyday but all this "parenting" crap just seems to really take its toll on us! Tommorrow I am going to post my "What am I thankful for 08" list up..I need to kick this pity party! Hope your Sunday is better than this momma's!


Nyssa's Mommy said...

Holy crap. That is so how I'm feeling. I've been on the verge of tears for about the last month. I've cried 2 times already today. Stupid stuff. Some serious, but mostly stupid. I expected not to see C through October (it was mandatory 6 day weeks since Halloween is "their" holiday) but now? We both thought he'd be off today, oh no his boss's boss put him on the schedule to go in at 4;:30pm and be done at 1 am to get the back room organized. I feel crazy. I love Nyssa to pieces but I can't do this, I feel like a single mom. I didn't sign up for this. I feel awful typing it out. I can't help it. I was afraid of this when he was job hunting, that I would end up being "on" more often than off. I'm at my wits end. She's such a good baby too. I think a lot of it is because the holidays are coming up and I think this year is going to be harder than last year since Dad is gone. It's also not fair (I sound like I'm 5) that we can't ever go to my family for a holiday. We always talked about alternating them. HA HA HA. Retail sucks some major buttage.

Phew. Thanks for letting me rant. I don't even know if it makes any sense or not! If I go back and read it, I'll delete it (feel free to delete it after you read it!)

Susan said...

I would never deleted it..glad to provide a forum for mommy's to rant! I will call you this week.. maybe we can make a list of all the things we're NOT thankful for:)