Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No title post

I have no creative titles in my mind today! Just some quick updates. I kepp forgetting to blog about my mom's upcoming knee replacement surgery. She had her right knee replaced about five years ago and it went really well. For the past year her left knee has been really bothering her and this summer it down right kept her from doing alot. So, on October 9th she goes in to have the left one sawed off! Sounds harsh but that's basically what they do. Hopefully she recovers as well as she did last time. She was an orthopedic nurse in her "other" life so she is pretty vigilant about doing what needs to be done.
Matthew continues to love and do well at preschool. His teacher said today that she was really impressed with his ability to retain information!:) So smart! We are continuing with OT for him for the time being. I think it does help him alot. Caroline has her speech assessment in Mid October. I am pretty sure she will qualify b/c although she has alot of words, she struggles with annunciation. She also goes back to Grand Rapids to the optometrist this time who is also a patching expert. They will do a 6 month check up on her eyes. I think she may need new frames as she has been taking her glasses off alot lately.
Next weekend we're heading to Chicago to go to my girlfriends party to celebrate her August nuputials in Hawaii. We're also celebrating Caroline's 2nd birthday there since my sister and her kids will also be in town and b/c my mom can't travel obviously here for her birthday.
MOPS starts tommorrow. I am excited to be a group leader this year and have a break from MOPPETS. I think the kids will enjoy it too. Last year I left them home with Grandma Barb b/c it was too overwhelming to have them and be in charge of the childcare.
Jeff has started the Wild at Heart bible study with some guys at church. He seems pretty excited about it. I have to admit I am still struggling with getting into my Bible study. I have missed the last two which isn't good at keeping you on track. Hmm
This weekend Jeff is taking Matthew to the zoo and Matthew is most likely spend one night at Grandma's. He is very excited about that!! Saturday night we have our monthly euchre game.
Life just keeps on keeping on here in Portage!


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Wow, I'm exhausted just reading your blog! You're a busy woman! Glad to hear things are going well.