Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Crazy Caroline

I forgot in my break to tell you all about some things that have happened with Caroline as of late. First of...hello terrible twos..a month early! She is so full of temper tantrums! My neighbor laughs b/c you can often hear me say "Caroline, if you don't knock it off..I am going to sell you to the lowest bidder!":) She started a kindermusik class today and was a wild maniac! All of the other kids just sat there patiently and quietly on their mother's laps while Caroline ran around screaming and dive bombing me!! She had fun though and really that is all that counts! Also,a week ago Sunday, I accidently pulled her ligament out of place in her elbow! We were walking in a parking lot and I was holding her hand and suddenly she pulled away and to her knees! I felt the POP..eeew! She immediately started crying, but now her normal ear piercing, shrill cry, this was more of a "Ouch mommy,that hurts!" We took her home and I knew something was wrong b/c she wouldn't suck her fingers or drink juice and that girl is a juiceaholic! I called my ped office and luckily they have Sunday hours. They told us to come right over and popped it right back in and she was instantly fine. Poor thing! No more holding her by her wrists!
This week we're just enjoying our last week of summer before Matthew starts preschool next Tuesday. This weekend I have a baby shower for some friends and I think we're hosting a bonfire here on Sat night.
Have a good week!

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